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By on November 29, 2017

Facing Your Fears: Following Your Dreams and Finding Success

This is a “How To” guide to releasing any blockage that holds you back from achieving your dreams, desires and all the abundance the Universe has to offer. For over 30 years, Janet Whitney has taught, counseled, and coached clients to move toward their dreams and goals.

One of the most common experiences is “hitting a wall” in moving toward personal success. When this occurs, people can negate any opportunity to move toward a goal. They can talk themselves out of believing in it and refuse to take any action toward their dreams. The Facing Your Fears workbook and exercises help to uncover your obstacles to success.

There is no ceiling or limit to what each of you can strive for and become! This is a journey of self-discovery and self-love. Each person’s pathway and journey is unique and wonderful. You will uncover the vastness of your life and where you want to go in this lifetime by completing this workbook to the best of your ability. Finding a support group to complete the assignments together strengthens the commitment and the intensity of personal growth.


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