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By on November 29, 2017

3 Ways To Create Good Habits

Good habits are good for a reason and that’s because they play a major role in your success in life. The more good habits you pick up the better your life will be. Good habits are the driving force behind positive changes in life, which translates to a success in anything that you do. Here […]
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Were you just a hair off this year? Learn How To Make Next Year’s Valentine’s Day Extra Special Without Buying Gifts

Valentine’s Day has become a commercial holiday that pushes gifts on couples. But the day that’s focused on love shouldn’t just be about gifts, but about romantic gestures that will express your love and feelings for the person you’re with. Although a gift is a small gesture of love, there are more things you can […]
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5 Easy and Quick Ways to De-Stress

Life is chaotic, messy, loud and busy, creating stress for many of us. But just because stress is a part of life doesn’t mean it has to control us. Here are a few quick and easy ways to de-stress: Breathing Techniques – In stressful moments, it’s often helpful to practice a few breathing techniques to […]
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How To Communicate Better With Your Partner

The best way to be a better loving partner is to improve on your communication skills with each other. But this isn’t always easy to do and bad communication habits can actually harm your relationship. To strengthen your bond and keep the love burning, it’s important that the two of you learn to communicate better […]
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The 1 Law for a Worry-Free Life

The Law of Attraction states, “that like which is like unto itself is drawn”. We are magnets with what we think about and what we create in our lives.  Our experiences are also reflected by how we emotionally respond to events and ideas. When we are clear and know what we want, can see it, […]
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The 3 Ingredients to Self-Care

Anyone who is a giving person naturally or who works in helping professions are very susceptible to stress and burnout. Stress is caused by inner and outside situations that take up energy that creates a response both physically and psychologically.  Stress influences how people feel and behave. Burnout is a result of trying to change […]
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Become your Own Cheerleader

As a society and in history, criticism and judgment has become a way of life for many of us. Parents, siblings, spouses, bosses, teachers and people in authority may have made an impression on us in the past by criticizing or judging harshly some behaviors or attitudes. For centuries, people believed this kind of negative […]
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Prosperity and Our Thoughts

I just heard Jack Canfield, the author of The Principles of Success say, “ Do you want to know where you will be a year from now? Just take a look at what you are thinking today!” This statement may be frightening for some of us, but it can also be a wake up call […]
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Writing to Your Old Soul for Answers

One way to find solutions to your present life challenges or to get answers to questions you have about your life is to write to your Old Soul. The old soul is the wise and spiritual aware energy that is available to you if you just reach out to contact that aspect of your being. […]
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April 2014 Newsletter The good news is that we have always existed in a world full of Uncertainty so it is not a new phenomenon.  The difficult news is that we have added great fear to the realm of living with Uncertainty. This fear is being promoted in newspapers, on the news; by what we […]
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